7 Best Skatecycle for Sale Reviewed

7 Best Skatecycle for Sale Reviewed

The Skatecycle, which is also known as “Freerider Skatecycle”, is created by Alon Karpman.  It is a combination of a snowboard, a caster board, and a skateboard.  It’s the first-ever hubless machine which does not need any pushing in order to gain speed.  The Skatecycle is a combination of the balancing of the skateboard, the foot control of the snowboard, and the nimble movements of the caster board.  Its frame is made of aluminum while its body parts are made of composite.  This two-wheel vehicle is produced by Brooklyn Workshop, Inc. and is found in the collection of the Henry Ford Museum and the Bicycle Museum of America.  Incidentally, it is a bronze awardee in the 2010 International Design Excellence Awards.

It has two footboards inside the hubless wheels which are connected by an axle.  Although, it might take some effort and familiarity to accomplish some decent speed.  However, according to its creators. the more experience you have, the less energy you need to exert in maintaining your momentum.

Skatecyles for Sale Reviewed

1. Anvl Boards Brooklyn Workshop Skatecycle White

Anvl Boards Brooklyn Workshop Skatecycle White – Price: $88 – Get it via Amazon

Particularly, Anvl Boards Brooklyn Workshop is a hubless self-propelled skate recommended for kids who are 14 years old and above. You can ride it on flat surfaces as well as in skate parks. It is lightweight and very easy to carry. In detail, it has very durable 9-inch wheels which can let you overcome objects easily.  Based on Amazon, it has a rating of 3.3.

2. Outtop X8 Orbitwheel

Outtop X8 Orbitwheel – Price: $250 – Get it via Amazon

In the meantime, we recommend Outtop X8 Orbitwheel for kids who are 13 years old and above.  It’s great for rough pavement as well as bumpy roads.  You can use its patented rear fender brake for quick stops.  While its foldable design makes it easy to carry anywhere. It’s no wonder then that it garnered a perfect rating of 5 on Amazon.

3. Brooklyn Workshop Japan Skatecycle Black

Brooklyn Workshop Japan Skatecycle Black – Price: $250 – Get it via Amazon

The Brooklyn Workshop Japan is the skateboard of the future. It has cool and stylish wheels that give you a smooth ride. Nevertheless, keep in mind to avoid riding on public roads since it can be dangerous. With some practice, it can run smoothly.  Users gave it a rating of 4 on Amazon.

4. Anvl Boards Brooklyn Workshop Skatecycle

Anvl Boards Brooklyn Workshop Skatecycle – Price: $88 – Get it via Amazon

In this case, the Anvl Boards Brooklyn Workshop consists of two hubless wheels that move independently but linked together.  It can give the rider more flexibility and can roll on any flat surface.  There’s no need of pushing yourself since it propels by a unique twisting motion.  Moreover, you can fold it into a compact form which makes it easy to carry.  Notably, it collected a rating of 3.5 on Amazon.

5.Excelvan Freerider Skatecycle

Excelvan Freerider Skatecycle – Price: $157 – Get it via Amazon

For one thing, the Excelvan Freerider can slide on any flat ground.  The two wheels links with a plate body which is great for making any kind of tricks.  It is very easy to learn and all you have to do is keep your body balance.  To be sure, it has a non-slip matte pedal which can keep you safe all the time.

6.Brooklyn Workshop Japan Skatecycle White

Brooklyn Workshop Japan Skatecycle White – Price: $331.02 – Get it via Amazon

Next on our list is another Brooklyn Workshop Japan model suitable for kids who are 14 years old and above.  This type can move forward in any direction and can help you improve your dexterity.  Also, what’s nice with this model is that it is very easy to carry and can give you more freedom in movement.

7. Pacoco Professional Skatecycle

Pacoco Professional Skatecycle – Price: $149 – Get it via Amazon

Finally, the Pacoco Professional enables fluid and simple movement. Gliders permit the rider to perform all types of tricks. If you have some experience riding a skateboard then it will be very easy for you to learn.

Skatecycle Tricks

There are many different tricks that you can do with skate cycle, check out this video and be inspired to be awesome too. It is not the first time we have people do crazy tricks on motorized electric boards, electric skateboards or wave boards.

Have you tried the skate cycle yet? What’s your trick?

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