33 Best Skateboard Wheels you Need to Ride – 2021 Review

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Not all skateboard wheels are created the same. Whether you want to buy them for your new skateboard, or as a replacement for your existing skateboard, make sure you choose the best wheel. Skating is a very thrilling experience. Some people are even addicted to it. However, skating requires consistency and some training. If you are a beginner, then be sure to choose skateboard wheels that are appropriate to your weight and height. When choosing wheels for your board, always examine its durometer, diameter, and shape.

The wheels can affect your speed. They are usually made of harder material like Polyurethane. If you only want to do some tricks with your board, then choose smaller wheels with 50 to 53 diameter. These are ideal if you are skating in the streets or at skate parks.  If you want more speed, then the best choice is larger wheels with a 60mm diameter or more. They can provide you with more control and balance. Medium wheels are ideal for beginners. The color of your wheels will depend on your personal preference. Here, we will give you the top 33 best skateboard wheels with their unique features.


33 Best Skate Wheels

Spitfire Skateboard Wheels Bighead with Bones Reds Bearings

If you are looking for skateboard wheels and bearings that can give you good control and predictability, spitfire skateboard wheels bighead with bones red bearings are an ideal choice for you. The durable and everlasting skateboard wheels from Spitfire give you the perfect grip, making it a buyers’ favorite.

Spitfire F4 99 Classics Wheels

The Spitfire F4, 99 classics wheels, are the best wheels for street skating due to their durability. Spitfire Labs is famous for producing superior quality wheels that give you full grip and command. With these all-terrain skateboard wheels, you can get a combination of impressive features.

Spitfire F4 Conical Full Wheels White Red 54mm/101D Set

With the Spitfire F4 Conical Full Wheels, you can get complete reliability and assurance over the grip, whether on the road or the ramp. These are some of the best skate wheels that are designed to resolve all the issues regarding grip for the skater.

Spitfire F4 OG Classics

The Spitfire F4 OG Classics are the best skateboard wheels to give you lots of features. Its design gives it a slick look, and the dimensions make it ideal for any terrain. This product is a shopper’s top pick when looking for penny board wheels.

Spitfire Classic Series High-Performance Skateboard Wheel (Set of 4)

The resistance and the design make the Spitfire classic series high-performance skateboard wheel one of the best wheels for street skating. It is a shoppers’ favorite due to the round sidewalls and the medium-width riding surface that make it all-terrain skateboard wheels.

Spitfire Formula Four 99D Pedro Delfino Classic Skateboard Wheels – Set of 4

If you are looking for good skateboard wheels that can provide you speed and complete control and grip over your skate board, then you need to go for the Spitfire Formula Four 99D Pedro Delfino classic skateboard wheels. It is popular among the skaters to be the best when it comes to reliability in speed and durability.

Spitfire Formula Four 99 Conical Full (Blue Print) Wheels-54 mm

The unmatched abrasion resistance makes the Spitfire Formula Four 99 conical full wheels-54 mm the best wheels for street skating.

These penny board wheels give the skaters speed with a controllable grip, making them the ideal terrain choice. So, it is safe to say that these are all-terrain skateboard wheels best for any surface.

Spitfire Miles F4 101 Pro Classics Skateboard Wheels – Natural – 54mm

The Spitfire Miles F4 101 Pro classics skateboard wheels’ consistency is simply unmatchable. It is why many of the skaters regard it as good skateboard wheels for giving top-notch speed with complete command over the board. In addition to that, these penny board wheels are ideal for any surface.

Spitfire Radial Skateboard Wheels

With the Spitfire radial skateboard wheels, you get expanded riding surfaces that give you much more pace and better grip. These skateboards also have a broader round edge than the Classics and a more responsive slide. All of this and a lot more features make it the best skateboard wheel.

Spitfire Wheels 80HD Charger Conical Clear / Blue Skateboard Wheels – 56mm 80a (Set of 4)

Having some of the best dimensions, the Spitfire Wheels 80HD charger conical clear is one of the best skate wheels. They are ideal all-terrain skateboard wheels that go well on any surface. The product ticks all the boxes such as speed, reliability, and durability, which makes it a preferable choice for many skaters.

Bones Rough Riders Runners Skateboard Wheels 80a White 59mm

If you are looking for one of the best wheels for street skating, then the Bones rough riders runners skateboard wheels should be your choice.

These soft skateboard wheels have great dimensions and are designed to give you a smooth ride over small pebbles and cracks that make them perfect for street skating.

Bones Skateboard Wheels 52mm 100’s V5 Sidecut Black 100A

The side cut shape of the Bones skateboard wheels 52mm and its dimensions make it the best skateboard wheel for beginners. New learners can easily maintain a grip and control the speed of this wheel. In addition, the wheel is excellent if you want to skate on smooth terrains such as parks, pools, ramps, and other surfaces.

Bones Trent McClung Unknown 99A Standard STF Skateboard Wheels – 54mm

For beginners who are keen to learn about making a good grip while maintaining a decent speed, Bones Trent McClung presents its 103A and the new 99A easy streets skateboard wheels. Be it any smooth surface, these soft skateboard wheels will help you maintain a command at a decent speed.

Bones Wheels, Skateboard Wheels 58mm Ripples Skatepark Formula SPF Sidecut 81B (101A)

Skatepark Formula wheels by Bones Wheels grab well on smooth terrain, are difficult to break, and are the quickest and longest-lasting wheels available today. These pro wheels are excellent for their grip, making them one of the hardest and the fastest skateboard wheels and bearings.

Bones Skateboard Wheels 58mm Armanto Lucky Charms Skatepark Formula SPF 84B 104A

The Armanto Lucky Charms Skatepark Formula is for pro skaters who want to get the fastest wheels with the least grip. The hardness, side ability, and high abrasion resistance make it the best stake wheels.

In addition to that, they are popular for their high rebound for a quicker response on slick or smooth surfaces.

Powell Peralta G-Bones 64mm 97a Skateboard Wheels

One of the best penny wheel boards that you can find for skating on smooth surfaces with a decent speed and a nice grip is the Powell-Peralta G-Bones 64mm 97A black wheels. They are an all-around good wheel that many new skaters can use for practice.

Powell Peralta Park Ripper II Wheels

With twice the durability and the life of an ordinary wheel, the Powell Peralta Park Ripper II wheels are the best wheels for street skating. In addition, their unique design and the RAT BONE II shape make them all-terrain skateboard wheels that you can use on any surface.

Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels

The new Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue wheels are good skateboard wheels that you can use on rough and smooth surfaces. They are all-terrain skateboard wheels that are slightly hard and offer lesser grip, which helps skaters  maintain  fast speed. All in all, they are ideal for pros as well as beginners.

Powell Peralta Mini Cubic Skateboard Wheels

Looking for skate wheels that offer a great grip over any surface along with a good speed? Then, choose the Powell Peralta Mini Cubic skateboard wheels that are one of the best skateboard wheels, which come with rough and smooth surfaces. Their dimensions make them good skateboard wheels and the shoppers’ favorite.

Shark Wheel 72 mm 78a Longboard Wheels DNA Formula 4-Pack

The Shark Wheel 72 mm 78a longboard and soft skateboard wheels are a top choice for those who want skateboard wheels for rough surfaces. These are some of the best skateboard wheels that can easily roll over any cracks or pebbles, which makes them best for smooth rides on hills and parks.

Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a Skateboard Wheels California Roll 4-Pack

The superior all-terrain skateboard wheels by Shark Wheels helps you get a good grip over smooth surfaces to easily maintain control even at high speed. The Shark Wheel 60 mm 78a skateboard wheels are one of the best wheels for street skating that you can find.

Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels Set of 4

A strong and supportive core makes the Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard wheels the best wheels for street skating. They are ideal for skaters who love to do freestyle tricks with their skateboards, such as dancing and free riding. All in all, it is one of the best long board wheels for any skater.

Orangatang Skiff 62 mm All-Terrain Skateboard Wheels Set of 4

The key features of the Orangatang Skiff 62 mm All-Terrain Skate Wheels are agility and light in weight that give you amazing maneuverability to do some tricks. It is one of the best skateboard wheels and bearings that you can find in the market to make smooth and predictable slides.

Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels Set of 4

For anyone looking to find skateboard wheels with maximum traction, the Orangatang in Heat 75 mm Downhill Longboard are the popular choice. Not only are they the best long board wheels, but also offers great movement to the skaters to do their tricks, making them excellent skateboard cruiser wheels.

Orangatang 4 President 70 mm Cruising Longboard Skateboard Wheels Set of 4

The lightweight feature of Orangatang 4 President makes them one of the best skateboard cruiser wheels. The high traction that they offer makes them the best long board wheels that a skater can use for either cruising or commuting.

Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising, DIY Electric Skateboards Eboards Set of 4

Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels Set of 4

The new Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Longboard is smooth and plush and great in terms of grip. And that is why many skaters consider it the best skateboard wheels and bearings that can offer maximum traction.

Mini-Logo A-Cut 90a Hybrid Skateboard Wheels Set of 4

The Mini-Logo A-Cut 90a hybrid wheels are quite popular among the pro skaters due to their slightly harder and faster grip. And this is what makes them one of the best wheels for street skating that can help pro skaters go at high speed while remaining a controllable grip on it.

Mini Logo C-Cut

The Mini Logo C-Cut is one of the best skate wheels with a C-Cut Durometer shape, making them a preferable choice for pro drivers. With a super-high rebound formula, these wheels offer great durability and resilience and have a greater life compared to ordinary wheels.

BYBAIZ Skateboard Wheels Set of 4 High Resilience102A Professional Grade Street/Park 52mm Black Golden White Red Green

This wheel is a common choice for many professional skaters. With the BYBAIZ high resilience102A skateboard wheels, you can get the least grip, making it hard and fast. This is a major reason why this is one of the best skateboard cruiser wheels that you can use to cruise on the streets.

BYBAIZ Skateboard Wheels Set of 4 High Resilience102A Professional Grade Street Park 52mm Black Golden

If you are a veteran skater looking for one of the best skateboard cruiser wheels, you can go for the BYBAIZ High Resilience 102A skateboard wheels. These wheels can help you get the least grip so you can go as fast as you can. These are one of the best for street skating.

Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels Set of 4

The Sector 9 Slide Butterballs wheels are neither too hard nor too grippy, which is why they are the best all-terrain skateboard wheels that you can use on any of the surfaces. Their ability to roll over pebbles and go over cracks makes them the best wheels for street skating.

Ricta Wheels Clouds – 56mm 78a Set of 4

The Ricta Wheels Clouds Wheel is a great option for individuals looking for skateboard wheels that can handle rocky terrain. These are among the best wheels for street skating because they can effortlessly slide over gaps or stones, making them ideal for smoother downhill and park rides.

How To Choose Good Skateboard Wheels

Skateboard wheels have evolved throughout the years. The original wheels were made of steel and clay. These wheels are difficult to ride. It was in the 1970s when the first urethane skateboard wheels were invented. They completely changed the skateboarding industry! Urethane wheels can last longer and give you a nice grip and rebound. You can easily carve turns and roll over on rough pavement without feeling any vibrations.

With urethane wheels, skateboarding is no longer a simple hobby, it became a lifestyle embraced by a lot of people. Now, most skateboard wheels are made of urethane. During the early 1970s, skaters only have limited choices. However, nowadays, there are numerous options with regards to urethane skateboard wheels. Always remember that the two most significant factors in choosing wheels for your skateboard are size and hardness.

Basically, skateboard wheels are one of the most significant parts of your skateboard. First, you must determine how fast you want to go. These wheels are generally made of polyurethane. They come in different sizes, colors, and durability levels. Choose the one that fits your style and personal preference. In choosing your skateboard wheels, you must check its durometer (hardness) and diameter (size). Both of these factors are very important so you can enjoy your ride. You can also customize your skateboard by selecting the best wheels that can match your deck, trucks, and hardware.

Skateboard Wheels And Bearings

Skateboard bearings are needed in mounting the wheels to the axle. All skateboard bearings have the same size, hence they can fit on any skateboard wheel size. The center has a diameter of 8mm while the exterior measures 22mm. You can purchase them in sets of eight since every skateboard wheel needs two bearings. Skateboard bearings have a variety of ABEC ratings. Bearings with an ABEC 1 rating are less expensive, however, they are also less accurate. An ABEC 9+ rating can run faster and they are also more accurate.

Skateboard Wheels Size

The size or diameter of the skateboard wheels is measured in millimeters (mm). Most often, it can range from 50-75 mm. Smaller wheels have lower numbers. Conversely, bigger wheels have bigger numbers. You have to consider that bigger wheels can move faster compared to smaller wheels. Your acceleration will be determined based on the size of your wheels.

For instance, if you want to do skateboard tricks on a shortboard, then you should choose smaller wheels. Bigger wheels are perfect for cruisers and longboards since they can provide you with the best speed and balance. Moreover, when choosing the size of your wheels, you must see to it that it is just right for your height and weight. Select the size that can make you feel comfortable.

The grip of the wheels will be determined based on its hardness or durometer. Simply put, softer wheels can offer you more grip and absorb more shock. Harder wheels have lesser grip and minimal shock absorption. If you want a super-soft ride then go for softer wheels. Most street skaters usually choose harder wheels due to their responsiveness.

How To Clean Skateboard Wheels

After using your skateboard for some time, you might notice that the wheels and bearings are being blocked by dirt. This can affect the performance of your skateboard. Luckily, cleaning the wheels and bearings of your skateboard can be done easily.

  • Step One: Get a rag and wipe the entire board.
  • Step Two: Use a wrench and remove the wheels from the board. Start by turning the board over so the wheels are facing up. Then, remove the bolts and nuts of the axle. Be sure to put all the components in one place, so you can easily find them.
  • Step Three: Use a truck axle and remove the bearings. It is just like opening a bottle using a bottle opener. Separate the bearings from the wheels. You could also use a screwdriver in removing the wheel bearings. Once you have removed the bearings, a bearing spacer will fall out from the middle.
  • Step Four: There are different ways of cleaning the wheels and the bearings. Some people use wet wipes while others use rag and solvent.
  • Step Five: Spin the wheels around to make sure that the wheels are fully dry. This is very important in order to prevent any damage.
  • Step Six: After you have finished cleaning the bearings and wheels, it’s time to put them back again. Return the bearing and bearing divider on the wheel. Make sure that they are properly adjusted.
  • Step Seven: Place the wheel back into the axle. Insert the nut and tighten it with a socket wrench.

Improving your Skateboard Wheels and Deals

Essentially, larger skateboard wheels can give you faster speed. On the other hand, smaller wheels can keep you closer to the ground. Smaller wheels tend to work well with smaller people while larger wheels can make larger people feel comfortable. If you want to do daring skateboard tricks, then choose the best wheels that are appropriate for it.

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